Help : Results

The Results produced by a search will differ depending on the Search type performed. Possible result columns may include:

Column Name Description
Scientific Name The scientific name of the species
Common Name The common name(s) of the species. Each common name will also include the language and location where that common name is prevelant ( ex. Beishi di yuana (Papiamento - Aruba) )
Image The presence of a camera icon indicates that photogrpahic images exist for this species. By clicking on the icon, you can view the avaiable photos.
Status The Status for the listed species, including the location for which that status applies.
Phylum - Family When searching by Taxa, the result column will include Taxonomic information for Phylum through Family.
Locations Indicates the geographic locations where the species is found.

Advanced Users: More detailed and complete results can be generated by using Advanced search. The Advanced Results give the the ability to: