Project background

Everywhere in the world biodiversity (also known as biological diversity) is diminishing; the situation is alarming. It is necessary to stop the loss of biodiversity and because of this the government leaders and heads of state of the world top organized a convention for sustainable development.

The European Union of Goteborg took a goal in the year 2001 to bring the biodiversity loss to a stop by the year 2010. The member states are responsible for the protection of their biological diversity and for the durable use of their biological recourses.

All countries which signed the agreement during the convention in Brazil are committed to develop a database. The Netherlands signed this agreement and with that the Dutch Antilles and Aruba are committed to do this as well. The assignment went to the ministry of environment of Curaçao and they give out this assignment to CARMABI foundation. CARMABI (Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity) will develop the biodiversity database for the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.